Dr. Lindsey Hattaway - Veterinarian

Dr. Lindsey Hattaway graduated with a DVM from St. George’s University, School of Veterinary Medicine in June 2020.

During her course of study, she spent three years living in St. George’s, Grenada, West Indies, and completed her final, clinical year at Auburn University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Hattaway developed a passion for emergency medicine and critical care, internal medicine, and anesthesia during her clinical rotations, and retained her passion for arboviruses, public health education, and surgery.

While Dr. Hattaway loves creatures of all shapes and sizes (especially llamas, alpacas, birds of prey, marine mammals, and sharks), she specializes in canines and felines. She currently has two four-legged gremlins of her own- “Artie” an orange and white domestic shorthair cat who adopted Lindsey when she was completing her BS in Biomedical Sciences and Entomology from Texas A&M University, and then accompanied her to Grenada, then Alabama, and back to Texas; and “Monster,” a black and white domestic longhair cat that joined Lindsey and Artie in Auburn as a very snotty kitten.

Dr. Hattaway originally joined the team in 2007 as a kennel technician. Throughout the years, she completed on-the-job training and became a veterinary assistant, scrub nurse, and nurse anesthetist, predominantly working during her summer breaks and holidays. She is very excited to be coming “home” and rejoining the team as a doctor.

Dr. Hattaway is an avid scuba diver and thalassophile who commonly suffers from wanderlust. When she is not seeing patients, buried in her books, or spending time with her loved ones, she is planning future dive trips. Dr. Hattaway is also our resident bug lady and hopes to one day have several apiaries (beehives) of her own. While she was in Grenada, she drove a car that was painted like a spider (and has pictures to prove it!) and was a member of a research study partnering with St. George’s University, school of medicine looking at mosquitoes, the source of their blood meals, and arboviruses.

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